Types of honey

Honey is divided into many types based on the plant used by honeybees and the regions with different vegetation.

Honey types vary in color, smell and taste. The color of honey vary from white to golden and brown. Bright color honey is known as the best type and it is more valuable at the market

However, some researchers believe that darker honey types contain mineral salts, iron, copper and specially manganese and beneficial for our body. Among all variation types of honey a few of them are introduced below.

  1. Coriander Honey

It has a strong smell and a special taste. Honeybees have started using this plant since its white and reddish flowers were discovered. Every one hectare of coriander produces 500 kg honey.

  1. Maple Honey

maple honey has a bright color with a very pleasant taste that honeybees produce since yellow flowers pf sycamore maple were discovered . This tree can be found almost in every jungle of Russia. Every hectare of this maple produces  200 kg honey and every one hectare of field maple can make 100 kg.

3. Spress Honey

This honey has a golden color with a very nice smell and taste. It is derived from the nectar of the red flowers of typical spress which is a wild perennial and herbaceous plant growing in mountainous regions. One hectare of spress can produce 100 to 600 kg high quality honey.

4. Thyme Honey

It is made of one of the most known herb in the mint family. Thyme honey is one of the monofloral honey and has a special taste and smell. It usually has a amber color with a mild sweet and strong herbal taste.  


5. Acacia honey

Has either a bright  yellow color or is colorless. Honeybees feed on yellow and white acacia and has a very mild flavor and smell. Acacia honey is mostly in liquid form since its granulation is slower than other honey types due to its comparingly large amount of fructose.

6. Astragalus or Milkvetch Honey

Is derived from the nectar of milkvetch which is a perennial plant. Some milkvetch honey types have red and amber color but they are mainly seen in yellow. Milkvetch honey is the most famous and widely known honey in Iran and has a mild sweet flavor.

7. Jujube Honey

Is one of monofloral honey types extracted from sidr trees or jujube trees and is produced mostly in early fall. Jujube honey has a bright color and since its plant it foams. Honey foam is not related to quality of honey. It is possible that its foam disappear over time and its color might get darker.

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