Health benefits of honey

1. Heart Disease

Honey contains enzymes that are able to decompose fat. As a result, using honey not only boosts energy for heart and strengthens heart, but also it causes heart fat to decay. So, honey can be helpful for vasodilation and its blood flow increasement and blood pressure decrease effects naturally prevents heart attack. Consuming 70 gr honey constantly for 1 to 2 months can improve the general conditions of patients suffering from heart disease and increases the amount of hemoglobin and cardiac tonus.

2. Kidney Disease

Honey is an effective urinary tract disinfectant and consuming honey dissolved in water can increase urine volume and crush urine tract and kidney stones.

Glucose, which is very digestible, can create nutrient rich body cells and adjusts osmosis balance between blood and body tissues and also, it can be used as a diuretic. However, it is important to ask a doctor about the appropriate and sufficient amount to use.


3. Eye Health

Among all nutrition and vitamins, vitamin A is the most essential one for keeping eyes healthy. Vitamin A has a key role in eye health optimization and the lack of this vitamin in body not only lowers vision, it also causes nyctalopia, then dryness of the cornea and finally blindless. Therefore, honey as a food rich in vitamin A can be beneficial for healthy wounds and burn wound for different areas of body including eyes. Honey and onion water or honey and clover water are effective mixtures for wound healing.

4. Lung Disease

Honey has many antibiotics that make it disinfectant. Also, since having turpentine essence, camphor and ziziphora honey cleanses lungs and receives lung pains. Honey can be consumed by lung patients for boosting body energy and body strength. Using only honey or honey dissolved in cold water, honey mixed with milk or damask rose is useful for treating cough hoarseness and lung infection. 

5. Digestive Disease

Honey is suggested as a helpful nutrition for digesting food easily and for natural activity of digestive system. Having iron and manganese. Honey make digest process much easier and prevents excessive acid secretion as it is acidic itself. Based on the other benefits of honey, it keeps the balance of stomach acid secretion indirectly and it is beneficial for stomach ulcer. Antibacterial effects of honey improves excretory system and decreases infection. Using honey with empty stomach, specially dissolved in water improves stomach ulcer and intestine.

6. Joint Pains

Honey contains formic acid so it is a good medicine for joint and bone diseases that can be used either by just eating or rubbing it on the sore spot.

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