About us

Sarab Honey Company with the brand name of Spress under private ownership was established in 1993 for the production and packaging of honey in Sarab. In 1996, by obtaining a manufacturing license for various jams and marmalades, it continued its production activities.

By developing its production process, the company succeeded in obtaining the necessary licenses for the production of hot and cold sauces from related organizations. Sainfoin has started its activity daily by packing 3 tons of honey and today its production capacity reaches more than 20 tons.

The company with a history of more than a quarter of a century of activity in the field of production, tries to maintain and improve the quality of products, beautiful and attractive packaging and reasonable prices, to obtain consumer satisfaction.

Also, the agents of this company are constantly faced with the challenge of using raw materials, especially high-quality fruits and modern machinery and technology.

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